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The BILLI® Project

BILLI® is a comprehensive Bill Presentment, Management and Payment Platform, for Consumers and Businesses, all on one simple dashboard.

What can BILLI® do? 

Peer to Peer Payments

At OneFlick we have developed a unique system for Peer to Peer payments (P2P) by reducing the hassle and increasing the speed and versatility. BILLI® will be the first product to showcase this unique P2P payments capability.

Bill & Invoice Presentment

Bill and Invoice Presentment has traditionally utilised clunky legacy systems, that have contributed to disjointed and complicated user experiences. At OneFlick we have developed solutions that simplify traditional Presentment systems, in one easy to use channel, which is cost effective, user friendly and instant for both the user and biller.


The need for the contactless exchange of information has dramatically increased during the current COVID-19 pandemic. OneFlick have been developing contactless information exchange systems to provide retailers and wholesalers an ability to facilitate an effortless exchange of goods for payment. OneFlick’s technology encapsulates e-tickets, invoices and receipts, in proximity and at a safe social distance.

Delivery and Transport

To compliment our P2P payments capability, we will soon be establishing a comprehensive Ticketing solution. Delivery and Transport is a highly interactive vertical with unlimited potential, reaching every corner of the globe. OneFlick will develop wholistic solutions for pre-paid Ticketing or at Point of Sale, for public transport and various Smart City Solutions.